Your out-of-town guests have traveled long and far to attend your special day and likely spent a considerable amount of cash to attend. Show your appreciation with a wedding welcome bag they will love. As as a wedding guest, there’s nothing quite like finding some thoughtful goodies waiting for you when you arrive at your hotel. Here are some of my favorite ideas to incorporate into your wedding welcome bag!

wedding welcome box

If you are branding your wedding, include your adorable logo on all of your wedding guest goodies. They appreciate the gesture and a sneak preview of the affair they are about to attend.

champagne in wedding welcome bag

Pop, fizz, clink! Your guests will love starting the weekend off right with some bubbly.

wedding welcome bag

This is the perfect opportunity to include all of the paper goods from the wedding program to keep them abreast of the weekend festivities, to cute tags and of course a thank you note!

welcome basket for men

If your signature cocktail is a moscow mule or a mint julep, you might want to include a copper cup with that mini bottle of whiskey.

state cookies in wedding welcome box

Have state cookies made of the destination you are getting married or the two states the bride and groom are from. It’s a delicious and thoughtful addition to your wedding welcome bag.

wedding welcome bag with candles

Most goodies in a wedding welcome bag are items that can be consumed that weekend – think water, champagne and snacks. Give them something to take home with them (non liquid if thy need to fly) such as a candle or souvenir from your wedding destination.

wedding welcome basket

Yes, your wedding weekend moto is to save water and drink champagne, but your guests will need to stay hydrated all weekend long. Save them from getting the expensive mini bar water and supply them with a couple of bottles to enjoy. Plus include some yummy snacks for your guests to savor. Your guests will thank you!

wedding welcome bag ideas

Slap that wedding logo you branded on some weekend wedding gear like a cute weekender bag or a baseball cap. Your guests will love the gear and get some cute Instagram-worthy photos using your wedding hashtag.