First and foremost, make sure they have your date free! But also don’t forget to ask how many weddings the vendor will be working with during the month and weekend of your wedding. Will they be swamped in the months leading up to your Big Day or will they be able to give you a solid amount of attention?



When meeting with any type of wedding vendor you should always ask to see their portfolio and a list of references. You’ll be able to get a sense of their aesthetic from past weddings and figure out if their style will be a good fit for the venue and your taste.



When looking for a venue, make sure to inquire about the restrictions for the space. Do they allow candles, balloons, sparklers, etc.? If any of these details are extremely important to you then you may want to rethink this particular venue option.



What is the most challenging wedding they’ve planned and how they handled the issues that popped up. You want to make sure your wedding vendors have strong problem solving skills. If you’re planning on having a larger wedding, ask certain vendors (wedding planner, venue, catering, etc) if they’ve worked with a party of your size. It’s also helpful to know if they’ve worked with your type of budget before. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, I’d recommend asking your potential wedding vendors to describe how they’ve handled an event with unfortunate weather conditions.



Before signing a contract, make sure to ask if there is a service charge on top of the bill and if so, how much will it cost. Are other unexpected costs?



Make sure to inquire about whether or not the exact vendor will be at your wedding. Some vendors hire day of help or will send assistants to work your wedding, if they have more than one obligation on that date.