I’m not talking about a sign from the heavens, I’m referring to use of the signage at weddings.  I got a little ‘sign happy’ when I was planning my wedding and I literally had to cut myself off.  Do you need a sign at your reception next to your escort cards that says “Find your seat, but your place is on the dance floor”?  Well no… but I do want my guests dancing all night!!  Guests can usually figure out what to do without signs, but they do serve the purpose of making the day run much smoother, rather than having to remind your guests all night to sign the guest book.

Signs can really tie the wedding together visually, so it’s important to know your wedding colors and theme before you start ordering signs left and right.  Do you have a wedding logo that you can put on your signs?  Do you want to use the same font as your invitations on your signs?  Or do you want to mix it up a little so it’s not so matchy matchy?  There are many stores and websites that you can purchase your signs from, my personal favorite was Etsy because everything can be customized (refer to my blog Pinterest and Etsy – My two BFF’s).  Below are some examples of wedding signs, but really any sign that your little heart desires, you can create!

Ceremony Signs
– Directional sign
– Welcome sign for water table
– Sign at front of aisle “Today two families become one, so pick a seat not a side”
– Here comes your Bride (sign for ring barrier)

Cocktail Hour Signs
– Signature cocktail sign
– Please sign our guest book sign

Reception Signs
– Find your seat, but your place is on the dance floor sign
– I’m her Mr., I’m his Mrs. sign for back of bride and grooms chairs
– Please take one sign for favors
– Find the perfect pair and dance without a care
– Table names or numbers
– Escort cards
– Let love sparkle sign for sparklers
– Love is sweet sign for cake table
– Gift tags for wedding favors