Modern wedding planner, your role as a bride-to-be, how to start wedding planning

You have a pretty new sparkler on your hand and after the initial excitement of your engagement; you decide you are ready to start planning. Great! So where to begin? No one tells us that we need to all of a sudden become The Event Planner of the Year while simultaneously upholding our hectic lives of being amazing U.S. Citizens and all of the responsibilities that come along with it. Um.. hello, our jobs, paying taxes, going to the gym, being a great friend, fiancé, daughter, sister, puppy mamma, and oh.. did you catch The Real Housewives last night?

Wedding planning is arguably a full time job and you will need to carve time out weekly, ahem.. almost daily to get this done just right. A lot of hiring and decisions are to be made (that’s an understatement) A LOT! Therefore organization is key. Pick up a wedding planning book like this one to keep everything organized in one place. Additionally, start a Pinterest board of your favorite wedding photos. This will help your vendors tremendously to understand your vision and it is easily accessible on your smart phone or tablet in a vendor meeting.

You are not an Event Planner by day, so fake it! Follow along for more wedding planning tips and feel free to submit questions if you get stuck. I’d love to help! Make sure you visit my simple explanation of 6 Steps to Plan a Wedding to help get you started on the initial steps. It’s a fun time, so embrace your new role and fancy new title of Wedding Event Planner!