Getting engaged is amazing but then you realize that you have to all of a sudden become wedding planner of the year. The entire thing can be totally daunting. But it is never too early to start conversations with potential vendors, even if you haven’t booked your venue yet! Research their style, their social media accounts, get reviews from past brides and follow these four tips:

bride-to-be writing in wedding planner with gold pen with a diamond wedding planning book how to choose your wedding vendors

ONE | Don’t wait to book your vendors

It is never too early to start a conversation, especially if you have a vendor in mind that you love. They book up quickly, especially the good ones! 

TWO | Find someone you connect with

Interview several vendors in each category. The best is when you meet with a florist and hours later realize you have barely discussed bouquets. Good communication = happy bride + happy vendors!

THREE | Look at their blog or social media accounts

This will enable you to feel more comfortable with them and get a sense for what their current work looks like.

FOUR | Show your Pinterest boards to get your vision across

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Bring your ipad to your vendor meetings and show them that arbor you pinned covered with peonies or that nautical cake that you love but want it in ivory, get my drift? The more specific you are the more your vision will come to life. Once you book them have them follow your Pinterest boards so they will get updates of new pictures you love.