Being asked to be a bridesmaid for your bestie’s wedding is an incredible honor. You can’t imagine not being there for this bride-to-be, but becoming a bridesmaid is no small task. In who is responsible for what on your wedding day, I breakdown all of the roles of everyone on your big day and being a bridesmaid is an important one. Taking on the role of a bridesmaid is not only a time and financial commitment, it means you have pre-wedding duties, day-of responsibilities and a whole lot of parties to attend! Lucky for you, I’m listing out everything you need to know to fulfill your role as a bridesmaid. And if you want to take your role up a notch, check out how to be a fabulous maid-of-honor.

Along with the brides requirements for the dress, you are are responsible for purchasing the bridesmaids dress and having it fitted. Also purchasing shoes and accessories to style it.

This includes everything from being there for her “I said yes to the dress’ moment, helping with DIY projects, hand-writing invitation envelopes, making favors and being there as a support system for her.

This task is often given to the maid-of-honor or the mother, but can sometimes fall on the plate of a bridesmaid as well. Whether you are helping the maid-of-honor plan the shower or you are doing it yourself, this is an important task. From setting the date, to sending the invites, coming up with a theme, getting a venue, deciding on games, decor, food, a signature cocktail and favors, there is a lot of planning to be done.

You will be expected to help all the other bridesmaids with picking a date, location, pitching ideas and chipping in for this fun girls night out. Or in most cases, weekend getaway!

If you are the out-of-towner you may not be expected to attend every single every. But if you don’t want to miss a thing, try having the shower and bachelorette party on the same weekend. Other events you are expected to attend include the engagement party, wedding dress shopping, the rehearsal dinner, day-after brunch and obviously the wedding!

On the big day you will need to help keep the bride calm, help her with her bouquet and dress during the ceremony, possibly give a speech at the reception and yes, hold her dress while she pees!