My wedded bliss started at 10:01 PM when my wedding was over and my bridesmaids waited no time jumping in the pool.  It was the first time that I felt like “I did it” and you girls.. go have fun!!!  I just could not ruin my Lazaro dress because I did want to resell it, see budget tips on how to save money.  My new husband and I went to our Send Off Party and then back to our bridal suite.  I thought that the “talk” of the wedding would be my bridesmaids jumping in the pool…

Our Wedded Bliss was awoken by a 6.1 earthquake in Napa, CA at 3:20AM.  It was the largest earthquake to hit the Bay Area in over 25 years.  Brad, my husband, was actually thrown out of bed by the earthquake, only with a minor scrape.  We had fallen lamps and glassware and no power.  Luckily our hotel was not hit as badly as others.

We realized that we were truly blessed to be married and although without power, none of our guests were injured and we were incredibly thankful the power outage happened after the wedding!!!  You never anticipate mother nature knocking on your door on your wedding weekend..  so we feel incredibly blessed for our special day.  Although you can’t anticipate mother nature sometimes, you just have to embrace her 🙂

bride in Lazaro wedding dress, bridesmaids in the pool

bride in Lazaro mermaid wedding dress and bridesmaids in the pool