Now’s your time to put your vision board to the test and become a stylist! You want your besties to be comfortable and look and feel their best, but also for their look to help establish your colors, dress code and theme. Depending on whether or not you are opting to make the choices or letting them choose themselves, these are the decisions that need to be made to complete their overall look!

Consider your bridesmaids body types, especially if you are only selecting one dress style. Pick a dress based on the neckline, waistline and length that will look best on them and go perfectly with your dress code. With the high costs of alterations, some brides are letting the bridesmaids choose the style from the color she chose.

Your bridesmaids outfits have a lot to do with the overall look of your wedding. Their look plays a key role in establishing your wedding colors, theme and dress code. The dress is hugely responsible for showcasing your wedding colors, but also to set the dress code. Before you select your bridesmaids dresses you will want to consider the following; your venue, theme, dress code, body styles, colors and trends. Are you having a nautical wedding? A vineyard wedding? Knowing what your venue and theme will help you decide which colors will go best with your venue and showcase your theme. For establishing the dress code, you may want short dresses for a more casual wedding and long dresses for a more formal wedding. Ladies come in all sorts of fabulous sizes so you will also want to consider busty, tall, curvy and slender body types and how the dress may look on them. Some brides will opt to pick the color and let the bridesmaids choose the style for a mismatched look. Are you traditional, or what to try a trend? Lastly and arguably most importantly, will will need to determine the color or colors! One trend I’m seeing lately is ombre colors in the same family (this bride mastered it!) or sequin dresses in all different shades. If ordering the same color, have the ladies all purchase from the same stop so the dresses come from the same dye-lot.

Perhaps most important if your bridesmaids are wearing short dresses, but also consider your venue and comfort. Is your venue on grass? How high is the heel? If you are letting them choose, establish guidelines such as a closed-toe nude pump. If open-toe, treat them to a pedicure!

Depending on your dress code and venue, work with your hairstylist to help decide between an up or down do. The hairstylist can also do the bridesmaids hair if you fit it into your day-of getting ready timeline. A great bridesmaids gift is to give your bridesmaids a beautiful clip to wear in their hair. Before making trial appointments read 10 Tips for Your Hair and Makeup Trials.

You can also have your makeup artist do your bridesmaids makeup on your wedding day. Most brides like the soft makeup look, but work with the makeup artist to see if they need a little more color to make their features pop in pictures.

Another perfect bridesmaids gift is a piece of jewelry to complete their look. Make sure the necklace, earring or bracelet go with the dress and don’t distract from the dress and her overall look. Settle jewelry photographs best in photos.

Treat your ladies to a mani/pedi before your rehearsal dinner. Determine a color or set guidelines such as soft colors, light pick, nude or french. The color you want them to wear is also a great gift to include in their bridesmaids gift.