Let’s face it, planning a bachelorette party can be a huge under taking. Coordinating with many girls schedules and preferences can be a daunting task. They often live in different cities, or states and many not knowing each other can be a challenge with all the different personality types. With so many opinions and choices how do you even begin? But it doesn’t have to be a stressful job if you know from the start how to tackle it correctly. Luckily there are ways to roundup the other bridesmaids and get them on the same vibes as the brides wishes. Here’s how to plan the ultimate bachelorette party!


First and formost, communicate with the bride about what she wants and what her expectations are. Does she want it close to home? A fab destination? How close to the wedding day? How many days should the party be? How does she feel about decorations that resemble male anatomy? (Some brides do not want this!). Does she want nights out at a bar or a spa-like weekend? Get a sense of exactly what is important to her and then communicate that to the ‘I do’ crew.


Brainstorm ideas with the other bridesmaids by creating an email chain for just the maids without the new ‘feyonce.’ She doesn’t need the added stress! Once decision come to light, relay them to the bride to ensure she’s on board with the ideas. Make sure every idea is at least heard from the bride so everyone feels included and that their opinion matters. But set a deadline for all the bridesmaids to come up with ideas as the wedding day is fast approaching.


It is after-all HER bachelorette party! Let her voice and request shine through and only voice your opinion when she really needs your input. If you are dominating the decisions, you may be planning the bachelorette party that you want and not hers. Ultimately, you are throwing the party for the bride, but keep her choices at the forefront. They typically want it fun with something that fits their personality and everyone involved. Think drink floats, decorative decor matching tees, and something that fits the brides theme or wedding colors.


Do not determine that every bridesmaid needs to fork out $1,000 for the weekend or take a week off of work. Talk to the other bridesmaids about their budget and schedules for the weekend. You’ll be spending a lot of time together in the coming months so ensure your fellow bridesmaids are all of the same page.


Create an instagram hashtag for the bachelorette party that is separate from the brides wedding hashtag. This will make it easier to share photos among the group!


Make a budget and stick to it! Note how it will be divided up among things like decor, activities, food, gifts, etc. Travel among the bridesmaids will vary so it’s best to leave that out, but note it as an additional cost. Determine who will collect the money and set a due date. Set the due date prior to the event so someone isn’t left charging everything on their card and having to wait to be reimbursed. This also prevents last minute drop-outs; increasing everyone’s costs.


Just because you are the maid-of-honor or the bridesmaid in change don’t mean you have to do EVERYTHING. Ask for help and delegate tasks to various bridesmaids. It’s great to have one point person for the event, but it’s also helpful to have different people responsible for different aspects of the party; such as designing and ordering matching tees, ordering decor or coming up with the menu and picking up the food. Then send out a group email so everyone knows exactly who is responsible for what.


The bride often feels guilty about everything she’s asking of her bridesmaids during the wedding planning process, and the idea that her besties aren’t getting along can be really stressful. Work it out among the bridesmaids without the bride even knowing there was an issue in the first place!