How do I pick my wedding theme?  Your venue is at a winery, but you don’t want rustic. You want a nautical wedding, so a yacht club, right??  You would describe yourself as shabby chic, so how do you incorporate that into your wedding?  It’s winter, should I do a winter wonderland theme?  I’m super girly, can that be a theme?

Before considering the venue or the season for your theme, think about who you and your husband are as a couple.  Stylish, sophisticated, beachy, playful, etc.  On The Bachelor, when Sean and Catherine were asked “What’s your wedding theme?” she replied “Grown Sexy.”  As long as they can describe what that is to their vendors, then they can help create the grown sexy experience that they envision.  Obviously… there is no right or wrong answer.  Think about the adjectives that would describe you and your fiance as a couple.

Next customize the wedding to you as a couple.  Do you like Rock and Roll?  Did you grow up riding horses?  Are you obsessed with bling?  Did he play football?  Do you love apples?  Did he propose to you with fireworks going off?  Is he British and you were born in the USA?  This is so important to incorporate who you are individually and who you are as a couple into your special day.  Your seersucker wedding theme can have mason jars as wedding favors and also have elements of where you are going on your honeymoon.  For example, name your table names after cities you are going to visit on your honeymoon in France…. Paris, Champagne, San Tropez, etc. Your new last name is Healy, so make a large “H” and use that as your wedding book for guests to sign.  Have you been together for 3 years?  Then incorporate 3 candles on each table.  These little ‘touches’ will make your wedding so special.

Once you have your wedding theme, incorporate the venue and season into your wedding.  If its fall, you don’t need to have pumpkins and orange and brown as your wedding colors, unless you want to!!  Instead, make sure your guests will be warm, serve coffee and hot chocolate or provide blankets if it is an outdoor ceremony.  If the venue is at a vineyard and you want a rustic wine theme, then do it!!  Name your tables after different types of wine and have wine barrels as cocktail tables.  You can always customize your wedding to create a distinctive wedding that is uniquely YOU.

So what came first… the nautical wedding or the yacht club?  You decide!!