“Straps or nipples?” I understand that this question is completely inappropriate.  I had no choice.  This is a question that one of my bridesmaids asked me right before the ceremony.

Now let’s go back to the beginning, when we ordered the dresses. Bridesmaid dresses should all be ordered from the same bridal shop for one reason… they need to all be from the same dye-lot.  Even if you can get the exact same WTOO dress in your hometown in the exact same Lagoon color, that color will not be the same dye-lot color as the other bridesmaids.

Sizing……………. now this is a fun one.  I had one pregnant bridesmaid who would be 7 months pregnant at the wedding, one bridesmaid who was due to give birth one month before the wedding, and several bridesmaids who don’t own fabric tape measures.  I had the ambitious task of planning a wedding in 7 months so when I decided the bridesmaid dress, they literally had to order their dress that week!  Sorry laddies!!!

Christine is incredibly successful and was working during this dire time of ordering all of the dresses at one time.  Although she is ‘busty’ the shop recommended a 4 or a 6.  They said a 4 would not require alterations and a 6 would require alterations.  With her blessing, I ordered her a 4 and said “stay skinny!!”  Most of my maids had alterations done and I did not envision straps as seen below.  So when Christine tried her dress on for the first time on the wedding day, she was shocked that the shop had recommended a size 4 with her bust.

Every girls body is beautiful and different and that might be a great reason why you should consider letting the bridesmaids choose their style of dress, while still ordering from the same dye-lot.  I did not anticipate the girls wearing the straps that came with the dress, however………. when I was left with the option of “straps or nipples?”  I happily opted for the straps.



Image via Watters