Having a signature cocktail at your wedding is a trend that is here to stay! But what do you call it? Are you having one cocktail or two for the bride and groom? This is more than just a cocktail, a great name and drink can help brand your wedding and add a personal touch to you as a couple. Need more wedding inspo? Visit my Inspiration page! What are you naming your signature cocktail?

martini with an orchid champagne cocktail with lavenderblushing bride signature cocktail sign

Play On Wedding Words
When in doubt, toss in a wedding word to give your go-to drink that just married factor. An Old Fashioned becomes a Something Old Fashioned. A Mint Julep turns into a Mint to be Julep. Then there’s a Bloody Marry Me. And my favorite a Blushing Bride and Grinning Groom and come up with your own recipe.

Location Based
Having a destination or travel-themed wedding? How about Mai-Tai the Knot for a tropical destination wedding? Or drawing inspiration from the surrounding culture (e.g. a Southern Belle-Ini) or putting a twist on the name of an already popular drink in the area.

Make It Personal
After all, your wedding is the one day it should be all about you (and, of course, your fiancé too)! Try adding your now shared last name to your favorite cocktail. Or my favorite? Naming your drinks after a fun fact about yourselves. For example, say everyone knows you are obsessed with fashion and he’s a sports fanatic: Your drinks could be called Head Over Heels and A Match Made in Heaven.

Tie In Your Theme
Let your wedding theme and/or color scheme dictate the name of your drinks. Colors are particularly easy, plus there are a ton of fun options to choose from. Keep it simple with a Something Blue, Pretty in Pink, Purple Passion, Mellow Yellow, Blushing Bride or a Sweet Peach. Throwing a winter wedding? How about Something White Russian. Throwing a nautical wedding? Try Gin & The Knot.