More and more couples are opting to say their ‘I do’s’ outdoors with a fabulous backdrop in toe. But tossing out the traditional reception ballroom for a romantic affair outdoors comes with its challenges. Before you start planning your outdoor event, make sure you cover these points to master your outdoor wedding. Here’s how to master your outdoor wedding!

how to master an outdoor wedding

Tents are an elegant way to hold your wedding reception and have the added benefit of offering protection from the outdoor elements. Talk to your rental company about the right placement, if you want flooring and the style (yes they aren’t all the same!) for your wedding.

green wedding marquee tent

Luckily tent rental companies have experience with this, but sometimes venues require more than an extension cord or two. Caterers, lighting and your band or DJ are all big power users. Discuss all your vendors with your representative and decide if a generator may be required.

wedding tassel balloons

Embrace the outdoors by not limiting your guests to the confines of a tent. Set your cocktail tables outside, a croquet game or ceremony arbor outside and only bring them in as part of your plan B!

wedding flamingo croquet set

You’ve considered your guests comfort, now consider your caterers comfort! Ask them if they require a tent and what size, they will know exactly what size they need! Barbecue and clambake companies may not need one but speak to your representative to make sure.

groom and bride chair signs

Ahem.. we are talking about the outdoors! Beside the tent you will need reception tables, cocktail hour furniture, and chair on chairs on chairs! And don’t forget about other tables from the cocktail bar, to the dessert bar, welcome table and the like. Additionally you can work with your florist for decor items like lanterns, chandeliers, an arbor and whatever your Pinterest board inspires.

wedding dessert table on wine barrels

The possibilities to decorate are endless without the restrictions of having to consider the red carpet in a ballroom or a nautical venue. Having a outdoor wedding gives you the platform to make your wedding vision and Pinterest boards come to life.

modern wedding chair rental

Rain on your wedding day isn’t the only bad weather you have to consider. Think high winds, a hot summer day or freezing cold. Luckily you can be prepared with a blanket station, or rent heaters or fans to keep your guests comfortable.

to have and to hold in case you get cold sign

Your representative will likely choose a tent based on the number of guests. But that’s assuming a lot. Speak up if you aren’t having the traditional round tables and dance floor combo. A big trend I’m seeing is couples getting multiple tents to host different destinations for guests. From the ceremony, to cocktail hour, a kids station, escort card displays, dessert bar, band space, a photo booth, the dance floor and more, there are lots of needs for multiple tents. However if you are keeping a close eye on your wedding budget, work with a furniture rental company to create areas for guests to enjoy under one roof.

wedding kids table sign

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding! After those beautiful golden hour shots your venue will go dark without the use of a great lighting company. Meet with a representative to obtain the proper lighting package for your venue. When looking back at your photos you’ll be so happy you got this! You can also consider lanterns, chandeliers, edison lights and candles to achieve that warm and romantic lighting.

wedding marquee tent with edison lights

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