You’ve spent a few hours planning and thinking about your wedding reception, ok let’s be real.. only your entire life dreaming about these moments! And as a wedding guest I can’t wait to hit the dance floor and hear my favorite tunes (I’m looking at you Buble!). But when putting together your playlist, how do you ensure those tunes get your guests going and keep them entertained all night long?

glamorous wedding reception under marquee tent with huge floral display above chandeliertrust me you can dance - vodka sign

Try playing only the verses and choruses – for example cover a medley of an artists biggest hits without the beginning and end of the song. This will keep your guests energy up without losing interest.

Play a mix of current chart songs along with classic hits.

Put up an adorable sign that goes with your theme to encourage guests to dance!

My current party favorites include:

The Weekend’s “Can’t Feel My Face”

Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”

Anything Frank Sinatra

Oliver Cheatham’s “Get Down Saturday Night”

The Beatles’ “Come Together”

Maroon 5’s “Sugar