You’re marrying the man of your dreams and all you can think about is what flowers you want gracing the pews, what color your bridesmaids dresses will be, what flavor cake to buy, how many of your parents friends you have to invite, and what trainer you should turn to for your pre-wedding workouts. Don’t make a mistake and leave your best accessory out of the planning stages: your skin! Here is a skin care plan to give you a perfect bridal glow on your special day.Preparing your skin for your wedding takes just as much, if not more time than a lot of your preparations so make sure to get your skin on your mind early in the game and follow this timeline for skin preparations.

  1. Visit your dermatologist or aesthetician for a consultation for facials and peels. Make sure to ask your dermatologist or aesthetician if they offer discounts if you buy a package!
  2. Start exercising if you haven’t already! Not only will it help you slim down and tone up for your big day, but regular exercise helps give your skin a lovely glow.
  3. Start whitening your teeth
  4. Change your eating habits now! The foods to eat more of:

  1. Start searching for a makeup artist. You might find a makeup artist right away that you fall in love with, but it could take time and it’s best to test out a few to see what they have to offer.
  2. Begin experimenting with at-home self-tanners and UV-free tans at the salon. See which self-tanner looks best on your skin. Take note of the smell, how it fades, and if it rubs off on your clothing.

  1. Bring your makeup artist in for a trial run to determine what kind of makeup you’ll be wearing and styles you like best.
  2. Book your last peel since you’ll want to only continue with gentle treatments until your wedding day.

  1. Exfoliate your skin regularly with a gentle exfoliate. Make sure to steer clear of anything that says “scrub” because those can irritate the skin!
  2. Make sure to drink plenty of water! It will help hydrate your skin and keep your pores clear.
  3. Book any waxing appointments since some women may break out from waxing sessions.
  4. Your last facial appointment should be 2 weeks out from your wedding. Ask for a hydrating facial, which is light on the skin.
  5. Avoid alcohol! This can make skin puffy and increase any redness.
  6. Get a zoom whitening treatment

  1. Exfoliate with a gentle exfoliate.
  2. Lay on a very gentle at-home facemask. A great recipe to seek out would be an oatmeal, yogurt and honey mask, which is great for all skin types!
  3. RELAX! Stress is not your friend, so try to relax and enjoy each moment.

  1. Fix any last minute blemishes by dabbing rubbing alcohol on the blemish with a Q-tip.
  2. Place green or black tea bags over the eyes for a refresher.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
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