I have to admit to ya’ll, I left this task up to my fiance to create our wedding video. As a bride you learn to delegate tasks to your fiance (mother, maid-of-honor, bestie, etc.). I gave my fiance the rehearsal dinner video and the honeymoon to accomplish. So when he accomplished one task, I could give him another, right? Yes! However there tends to be other little things that you can just bring up casually, (aka song choices, alcohol preferences, and the list really never ends…) but we don’t have to tell him that right now, right?He did a great job of getting all the photos from my family and bridal party, and adding his pics from his childhood. Typically the video should run 6-9 minutes (I think ours is a little on the long side). There is so much play room in this area but I love the idea of showing the brides side, the grooms side and then the couple together. Take a look at ours to get inspired for yours! PS. I did not edit this video AT ALL, gasp! I wanted brides to see it as it came to me so you can find your own edits! AKA.. he did not even finish the sub-titles. And as a blogger I gasp at these oversights, but hope its valuable to you! Comment below to give suggestions for other brides!! I bet you can guess the photos that got the most laughs! Enjoy!