Planning a wedding isn’t so different than branding a company or another type of event.  In the branding world, you want to ensure that there’s a certain level of visual cohesiveness at every touch-point – or a visual strategy from start to finish. Beginning with your save the date card all the way to your thank you notes after the wedding. So I’m going to walk you through these same principles and how to apply them to curate your wedding style!

how to curate your wedding style


If you haven’t started creating your wedding Pinterest boards, consider this your permission slip to go ahead and go wild on the platform. Create a new board, and start pinning anything and everything you love as it relates to your wedding. Keep in mind your personal style and the story that you and your partner want to tell during the big day. You will see your wedding vision come to life all on one board. And don’t limit yourself to just wedding-related pictures as inspiration can come in many forms.

Once you feel like you’ve pinned a decent number of images that represent a wide range of content, go back through the board, reevaluating the pins and making notes on each photo. Take out pictures as you start to curate your wedding style and add any specific styling detail that resonates with you that you’d like to see incorporated. Share this board with all of your vendors to they understand exactly your vision for the wedding and how to what to curate your wedding style to your personal taste.

cactus themed wedding invitations


Does your inspiration board have a lot of blues? Do you want a wedding on the beach? Then maybe a nautical theme is right for you. Do you have a longstanding love affair with pink and like modern decor? A pink modern wedding might just be up your alley. By determining your theme, this will set other elements of your wedding such as the dress code and the type of affair you are throwing. Stick with your theme in every part of the wedding; changing up the fonts for example will look a bit confusing. Make decisions and stick with them throw-out the process to curate your wedding style.

white wedding reception table decor


Make a folder and include samples from all of your vendors. Add color swatches, textures and finishes that make your wedding come to life. This will help to have all the elements take shape and ensure your wedding has a cohesive look. Do you prefer the lace linens over the sequin ones? Once you make these decisions you can start to take other options out of your folder and put your own spin on the customization. You don’t want to copy everything about someone else’s wedding, make sure your wedding speaks to your style. This will make an easy reference point for your vendors to understand your vision exactly exactly how you picture it. And if you’re one for sharing little hints on social media, these little details also make for the perfect behind-the-scenes post as you lead up to the big day and give your guests a preview into the type of wedding your are throwing.