With all the fabulous details a wedding brings, from finding your dream dress to the perfect pantone hue you should choose and all the gorgeous ways to style the aisle, there hasn’t been too much discussion about your leading ladies and the roles that they play in your wedding day – particularly the Maid of Honor. She has some big heels to fill, and although her responsibilities are important, they are fun, will build memories for a lifetime and will help keep the bride happy and stress free.

Keeping the Bride Stress Free

Serving as a maid of honor is more than simply holding a bouquet and keeping the bride’s courage and optimism up. It can be a marvelous opportunity to help the bride enjoy a wonderful stress-free day, creating a happy memory that will last a lifetime. A Maid of Honor is a friend that is essentially the lead bridesmaid. Her roles are different and she will help facilitate of all the other leading ladies when it’s time for wedding-related activities and timelines. Bridesmaids are there to support the bride and lend help to the Maid of Honor. If the Maid of Honor is married, she is considered a Matron of Honor. Now that the definitions are set, how do you, as a maid of honor, keep the bride smiling and steer the wedding in the right direction?
Here are some things that the bride may need help with before the wedding:

  • Invitations

The bride will need a second opinion when it comes to deciding on invitations, decorations, and wedding favors. Your honest opinion about designs, colors and messages will prove invaluable in these trying times of indecision, vacillation, and confusion.

  • Bridesmaids

As a maid of honor, you will also be responsible for orchestrating the bridesmaids. While they may be eager to do exactly what they need to do, you will be called upon to create some guidelines, suggestions, and direction.

You will be a much-needed adviser when it comes to offering suggestions or approving selections when it is time for the bride and her bridesmaids to choose their dresses. You may have to coordinate things like arranging alterations according to a realistic schedule.

Sometimes, too, the bride may ask you to help her with registering for wedding gifts. Additionally, you may be charged with the responsibility of making sure the guests know where to go when it comes time for them to purchase gifts.

  • Seating arrangements

It can be stressful for the bride to decide the seating arrangements. You can help her by creating maps to figure this out.

  • Parties

You will have to plan and host events like the bridal shower and even the bachelorette party. (Incidentally, it’s important that you keep good records of gifts during all the parties, from the bridal shower to the wedding day itself.) Since good food is an important aspect of all parties, one way to ensure quality is to take the time to taste everything. Keeping a checklist for all the parties will help everything run smoothly, since there will often be too many details to keep in your head.

Helping with the Day-Of

There are many simple things that you can do as a maid of honor to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here are a few of the most important details to keep an eye on:

There are times when punctuality is most noticed and appreciated; one of these times is wedding days. So make sure the bride arrives at her venue when she is supposed to be there. Also, make sure everything on the checklist is done on time.

  • Prevent Embarrassing Slips

The bride will be eager to make a good impression and, in her haste, may not dress up as neatly as possible. Help her by making sure that small things like her veil and train are neatly tucked. Otherwise, she may face the embarrassment of tripping at the worst possible time.

Admittedly, it can be a nerve-wracking experience to be a maid of honor–especially when everyone else is nervous, too. There is tremendous pressure for everything to go smoothly. However, by knowing your duties and preparing ahead of time, making sure you have plenty of written schedules, checklists, and maps to guide you, you can remain calm and a picture of grace in motion. If you play your part well, you will be instrumental in making the wedding an unbridled success.