Sometimes it takes a little help from Mother Nature to remind us what this special day is all about. No one pictures rain on their wedding day, but this bride knew how to put it all in perspective. I love the fall colors, the gorgeous mismatched bridesmaids dresses and lovely spirit on what it’s all about. Take a page out of this brides book, as fall weddings are all the range in 2018. What do you love about this wedding?

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            Since I can remember, I had always dreamed of a beautiful fall wedding.  Outdoor ceremony, crisp red leaves falling from the trees, dance floor underneath the stars, s’mores bar by the fire pit, picture perfect scenery- I had it all planned out to the very last detail.  Living in Georgia, I considered my options of what would be the best time to have this dream wedding come true.  With much research and contemplation, I decided on the last weekend of October as this is the peak time typically for the leaves, as well as the least rainy month of the year.  Boy, did my plans go south and fast.

            About a week before the wedding day came, the forecast started calling for a chance of rain and very cold temperatures.  The weather was beautiful, finally starting to feel and look like fall, so I didn’t believe it, Georgia weathermen are always off, right?  As the days continued to approach closer and closer to Saturday, it became apparent to us all that it was most definitely going to rain on our big day.  My world was crushed and absolutely turned upside down.

I had dreamed of this day since I was a little girl.  I had found the One God made for me in high school, but due to college, jobs, lack of financial stability, etc. we had to wait a very long time for this day to come.  Ryan and I had been so faithful throughout our 6 year relationship, we always tried to keep Christ at the center, we prayed for one another, went to pre-marital counseling, read books and devotionals together, we were doing everything right I thought, so why was God doing this to me??  In my little world, this was the biggest day of my life.  I could not fathom why God would allow my day to be ruined because of the rain.  I justified these irrational and selfish feelings with how faithful Ryan and I had been to the Lord, it just did not make sense to me.  These feelings of questioning God kept coming up which I knew were not okay.  I kept pushing them away because it was selfish to even compare something so trivial like rain on a wedding day to other battles people are facing constantly like the loss of a loved one, a divorce, mental illness, terminal diseases, starvation, poverty, and so much more than I cannot even begin to comprehend- but please hear me out.

            I contemplated these feelings of anger and deep sadness leading up to the morning of the wedding.  And that’s when it hit me. .  God was teaching me a lesson through the rain.  The moment I woke up to the rain and 40 degree temperatures I FINALLY realized that God was in control and I was NOT.  This was the only way God could come through to me.  By Him wrecking what I thought was SO important, the actual purpose of marriage was put into focus for me and I became aware what our wedding day was really about, becoming one in the eyes of the Lord and glorifying HIM not US.  Yes, I knew this all along of course, but with the pressures from social media these days, I became so consumed with everything to be that of a Pinterest/Instagram worthy wedding.  So guess what?!  It rained the entire day.  Not just rained, it poured!  Everything from the ceremony, to the dance floor, reception, and s’mores bar was moved inside- and you know what? It was a DREAM. An absolutely beautiful dream.

 I would not change a single thing about October 28, 2017.  If I could do it all over again, I would have it the same way- rain and all.  The day was full of raw emotions, warmth and love.  The authentic and sincere love between Ryan and I was palpable.  I will never forget those moments when we first saw each other and walking down the aisle to the man God created for me, wow, I still feel so unworthy to be loved by a God-fearing man like Ryan, but boy do I sure love being his wife.  Our ceremony was the best part of the entire day.  It was so intimate and truly reflected the beauty of Christ’s love for his bride, the Church.  Ryan and I genuinely felt God’s presence during our union.  We truly had the best day of our lives, and though it was not what I had spent a year planning every detail out for- it was even better because it was God’s plan and not mine. Our day became what it was actually intended for and supposed to be about- celebrating our marriage with our family and closest friends and affirming our commitment to one another in a covenant instituted by God.  Best day of my life.


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