From your something borrowed and something old, there are lots of family heirlooms to incorporate into your wedding day. But if you are like most brides, you want a keepsake from your day to cherish and share with your loved ones and one day pass on to your offspring. These treasured items hold memories of a sacred moment in time that can’t be replaced. Here are a few items to hold on to long after ‘I do.’

Writing your own vows is becoming an increasingly popular trend. And for good reason. Focusing more attention on your vows and why you are getting married rather than fussing over the bridesmaids dress colors will serve you better in the long run. Next visit 10 Tips on Writing Your Own Vows.

You may not want to wear your mother’s or grandmothers wedding dress on your wedding day. But you can still bring a piece this family heirloom with you down the aisle. Try cutting off a sleeve from their dress and using it as a wrap from your bridal bouquet. Chances are a vintage gown has beautiful beads and lace that will look stunning and thoughtful wrapped around your bridal bouquet. The best part? This wrap can be reused by passing down generation after generation.

This is one of my favorite ideas. What better way of passing traditions down than recreating family wedding photos. Pose as your loved ones, have the same expressions as your loved ones, recreate the magic from your parents or grandparents wedding album. There is no greater gift back to your parents.

Guest books have come a long way from just a book full of signatures. Today guest books extend to things couples will use long after ‘I do.’ Think decor items for the home that are meaningful for the couple. From a bench made by the groom, to a hanging anchor, globe or horse shoe. There are many ways to cherish your guests signatures.