Sometimes there are engagements sessions that come across my desk that are oh-so-right. There are pretty engagement sessions, romantic ones and ones that hit it out of the park. This one was a happy accident captured so beautify by Steve Stanton Photography. The bride, Courtney Davis, actress and comedian is a friend of mine and I had the honor of being their for her ‘say yes to the dress moment.’ Read on to hear about about how this day came to be and her advice for other brides!

From the bride…

So our photographer was a maniac in the best possible way, he had us climb to the highest peak in Colorado (before he knew I was afraid of heights). Once we got there I refused to walk on the mountain and look at the view. I was crawling and praying he would just get a shot and we could leave..but then all the sudden my fiancé started making me feel really safe and our photographer was so sweet and encouraging..I felt like I was on an episode of the bachelor!! Now I know those girls aren’t lying that “challenges make you closer.”

It is so important to have a photographer you feel comfortable around. Steve just let us do our thing and totally had us run the show. It was like he was just following us around on our day. My fiancé hated the idea of “engagement pictures” at first, he said it was so “un-him” then once the camera turned on he couldn’t get enough of the spotlight. I couldn’t turn this guy OFF. Guys don’t know what they want until you show them..that’s why they love us.

PHOTOGRAPHER Steve Stanton Photography | LOCATION Evergreen, CO | BRIDE’S BOOTS Isabel Marant | VEST Vintage via groom’s mom