In 8 wedding trends you’ll see this year, one major trend listed is the rise of intimate and more meaningful weddings. But sometimes it’s hard to find the line to draw when inviting people to your wedding. You’ll find yourself asking ‘do I really have to invite them’? In an effort to help you sort through all your potential attendees, I listed all the questions you’ll want to consider before sending them their invite and a coveted ‘plus one’ slot.


Are they family?

Are they living with or seriously dating a member of your family?

Are they married or engaged to a member of your family?

Have you been friends more than 10 years?

Have you spoken to them in the past year?

Do you see them on a regular basis?

Have you seen them within the last six months?

Are they dating one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen?

Do you like them?

Does your future spouse like them?

Did they help you plan your wedding?

Were they there for you during your bridezilla moments?

Are they a coworker you hang out with outside of work?

Have they always supported your relationship?

Are they always one of the first on the dance floor?

Would you be ok if they end up in the background of your pictures?

Are they fun?

Are they fun intoxicated?

Will it be awkward if you don’t invite them?

Will you care if they get mad they’re not invited?

Were you (or will you) be in their wedding?

Were you (or will you be) invited to their wedding?

Have you told them at any point they’re invited?

To state the obvious, yes, you need to invite them. These are the people you can’t imagine getting married without. Visit how to write your wedding invitations to get started!

In short, yes, you should invite them. If you want to avoid uncomfortable situations and drama on your big day (believe me, you do), you should send them an invite.

These can be classified into your ‘B List.’ In the A,B C’s of sending wedding invitations I go into more detail on when you should send these invites out in phases. You don’t have to invite your B List, but if a few weeks after sending out your invitations you receive more regrets than expected, consider sending your B List guests an invite.

You can consider these your ‘C List.’ Unless you receive a lot more regrets than expected from your A and B Lists, and if it’s not going to cause major drama or a big family rift, you can skip these wedding guests. If you aren’t having a massive 300+ person wedding, save your $250 per head plate for someone more meaningful to you as a couple.

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