I have always loved hedges in gardening to frame a space or to create a wall, so I am not surprised that hedges have become so popular and admired in weddings.  Made famous by Kim Kardashian with her massive flower hedge walls at her wedding ceremony, hedges with or without flowers create an impressive centerpiece at a wedding.  Arden Upton had me drooling with envy with her step and repeat hedges effortlessly arranged with an abundance of pink flowers.  Here is a look at the latest wedding hedge trends.  Do you plan on using hedges at your wedding?

1. Floral Step and Repeat

Arden Upton, a famous wedding photographer, knows how to create that wow factor in photos, so when planning her wedding, every detail was no exception.  I absolutely love the idea of using hedges for a step and repeat.  It is so fun for your guests and all of your photos will be breathtaking!

2. Letters or Words

Initials of the bride and groom is an increasingly popular trend, so naturally I am seeing so many brides opt for their carved initials in rustic green hedges.

3. Walls

Often used for privacy, walls covered with hedges can also be decorated with cascading flowers or frames.

4. Ceremony Decor

Not even the gorgeous views of Florence Italy could stop Kim Kardashian and Kanye West from using massive walls of hedges covered with white florals out of their wedding ceremony.  Other brides are getting in on the trend too!

5. Escort Holder

Rather then simply placing your escort cards alphabetically on a table, display them on a hedge wall.  It will be an exciting display during your cocktail hour!

6. Floral Archway

For your guests to enter either the ceremony or transition to the cocktail hour, use a vast amount of flowers to create a romantic ambiance when entering a new part of the venue.  This can get expensive on your florists invoice, so try using flowers on only the inner part of the arbor.

7. Table Backdrop

Weather to cover a wall that you aren’t crazy about or simply to make your cake table or escort card table fabulous, use hedges for your backdrop.

8. Framed Florals

Cover your hedge with hydrangeas and roses and then frame them for a moving display.  Use it as a backdrop for your ceremony or a table at your wedding.

9. Decorated with Lights

There is nothing that sets a romantic ambiance more than beautiful lighting.  Place Christmas lights in your hedges at your reception to dazzle your guests.
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