I have been overly excited to write about this as I have been noticing so many new ways that brides are using lighting to illuminate their weddings.  Lighting has come a long way from simply lighting up a reception hall and video dance floor lighting. Today lighting is used to set the mood, to create that awe factor, to set a romantic setting and to show off the couples personality and theme.  I’m excited to hear which lighting theme you are using at your wedding!

1. Light Up Letters

You can get these trendy light up letters customized with your initials or words that describe you as a couple.

2. Christmas Lights

String lights don’t only have to be used at Christmas time!  String these lights around trees at your outdoor reception or hang them against a distressed brick wall to light up your ceremony decor.

3. Chandeliers

Grand, sophisticated and yet so unexpected!  Chandeliers are being used anywhere you can hang them, we see them!  From the alter to the cocktail hour and the reception, the stunning elegance of a chandelier becomes a focal point and a conversation piece.

4. Bistro Lighting

Perhaps the most popular trend in the growing popularity of outdoor receptions, the trendy bistro lighting is a charming twist on the standard string lights.

5. Up Lighting

This surely isn’t a new trend, but up lighting is most definitely a lasting trend!  Budget friendly warm up lights can completely transform a room.  Also try color bulbs to fit with your wedding colors.

6. Hanging Candles

Both visually pleasing and a thoughtful use of space, hanging candles are incredibly romantic and unique.

7. Pathway Lights

This way to happily ever after!  String Edison lights along the path or line the walkway with lighted candles in hurricane holders.

8. Hanging Outdoor Lights

Hung in no particular fashion, hanging outdoor lights can be accomplished with string lights.  Drape wide angle lights between trees to create an enchanted look or to create a waterfall or icicle effect.  You can also wrap string lights around a garden globe.

9. Edison Lighting

Edison lighting has been in home decor for a while and it didn’t take long until we saw the transition into weddings.  Perfect for an outdoor rustic, country or backyard wedding.