As we know all too well, wedding trends come and they go, but I think some of these trends are here to stay! These trends are chock-full of pretty and touches on everything from fashion, to decor, social media and modern brides and grooms of today. This year is sure to bring us more gorgeous weddings than I’d ever dare to count as these trends will surely top the wedding charts. So pull up those pin boards get ready to swoon over these 7 new wedding trends!

1. The Selfie Stick

Pick up a selfie stick and have your guests be photographers in the making. You will get great pics and your guests will have a blast snapping pictures all day.

2. Chalkboard Signage

No matter what you have chosen for your wedding theme or colors, these chalkboards with beautiful calligraphy look amazing and are definitely a show stopper!

3. Intimate Weddings

Brides and grooms are focusing more on creating an evening that communicates who they are as a couple. Smaller, intimate wedding
s are becoming increasingly popular, and brides are opting out of having the 500+ wedding. It’s all about individuality and making guests feel like they are in the presence of the happy couple and surrounded by those they love.

4. Sequins

Often used in linens and dresses, sequins offer a touch of glamour!

5. Hanging Decor

Let your creativity shine and decorate your wedding venue vertically with everything from edison lights, to chandeliers and an abundance of flowers.

6. Framed Programs and Seating Charts

Rather than handing out wedding programs and setting up escort cards write your wedding program on a framed mirror, vintage window or framed picture frame. This is a great and easy DIY project!

7. Hashtags

See all of the photos your guests take on their smartphones at your wedding by creating a hashtag just for your wedding. Guests will love scrolling through the instagram feed the next day! #yourguestswillthankyou
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