The wedding is planned, your honeymoon bags are packed, now it’s time to start thinking about your life soon after ‘I do.’ Your new hubby knows how much you love him, now it’s time to show him! Start your life as newlyweds in wedded bliss by turning up the romance several notches with these 5 incredibly romantic ideas.

Upgrade your airline seats to flight class. Have champagne and strawberries waiting for you both in your room. Arrange for a spa day with couples massages. Leave notes around the room. Upgrade your room to a suite. These little surprises will be the special touches he will remember most.

Don’t smile in every picture, it is after all your honeymoon! Kiss! There is a photo op everywhere so capture the moment and kiss in every photo, at every incredible view and at every special moment you have together.

I couldn’t leave this off the romantic list! Now’s your time to put all that lingerie from your bridal shower and bachelorette party to use!

Scatter mini tea lights around your room. Have a candle light dinner at the beach. Light candles around the tub before you fill your bath. There is something so romantic about candles that will set your mood and the ambiance.

Take a break from laying on the beach and set off your endorphin’s with an incredible excursion to experience together. From taking to balloon ride, to snorkeling or taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland, there are so many ways to excite your senses together.