If you are ready to create a hashtag for your wedding, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to ensure your guests can remember it, use it and that it’s not saturated with someone else’s wedding photos. Create it early on in your engagement so your guests can follow your journey to I Do with the planning process, all of your wedding related parties and of course, the wedding. Here’s are 5 tips to generate the best wedding hashtag.


Make it easy to remember! Generate the best wedding hashtag by using alliterations like #WinstonWedding, #MurphyMarriage or #HappilyEverHartley to document your nuptials (especially if you’re taking your fiance’s last name). Another benefit of using alliterations is that it makes to so much easier for your guests to remember.

Capitalize each word in you hashtag to help avoid any potential readability issues or misspelling errors. For example, you’d definitely want to consider printing #ChristineAndJakeTakeWedding on your save-the-date card over #christineandjaketakewedding. And obviously once your guests go to use your hashtag they won’t need to capitalize it if they don’t want to, as it will still work either way.

Keep your hashtag simple to ensure they’ll be able to remember it! If guests are left guessing if a hashtag is #DaniLovesMike or #MikeLovesDani, they may end up using the wrong hashtag which will make it harder to capture the shots they took throughout the night.

Ensure availability! Before you make your hashtag the one and add it to you wedding website, check to see if it’s available. If someone else already snagged your clever hashtag, you may need to play around with your names, nicknames, middle names or trying adding the year at the end. Play around with your initials or if your names rhyme with a wedding word like hitched, love, or I do, think about using something like #ChowAndChooSayIDo! A great wedding hashtag involves a good pun or play on an idiom. It keeps things fun—just like your wedding will be. If your last name is part of a a popular euphemism or common phrase, go with it.

Advertise it! The only way to make your hashtag a success is for your guests to use it. Showcase it everywhere starting with your wedding website, the save-the-date card and make signs for your bridal shower and several for your wedding day. Getting custom napkins for the wedding? Add it there. Getting a photo booth? Add it to the photo booth photos.

generate the best wedding hashtag

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