Wedding favors not only are a genuine thank you to your guests, they can also be functional and have a cute tongue-in-cheek message to go with them.  What you choose as your wedding favors will also determine when to give them out.  For example if you give them blankets, it would be nice to provide them when it’s cold outside during the ceremony.  Or if you are providing s’mores, display them on a table during the reception or at their reception seats for them to enjoy at the end of the evening. Another thing to consider before you dive into making 200 wedding favors is travel.  If you are having a destination wedding, it might be hard to bring 200 mason jars on the plane or even ship them to your venue.  Also, if your guests are traveling with your favor, will they be able to carry them on the plane according to the airplane liquid requirements?  Have enough to consider? Now let’s take a look at 16 of my favorite DIY wedding favors! 

1. Blankets

Keep your guests warm with a beautiful blanket, tie them up with ribbon and a handmade gift tag.

2. Luggage Tags

Perfect for a destination wedding, give your guests a name luggage tag to thank them for their travels.

3. Mason Jars

The immensely popular mason jar is a crowd-pleaser for your guests to use during and long after your wedding.

4. Jam Jars

Make homemade jam and seal these in little jars.  Dress them up with fabric and ribbon.

5. Hot Chocolate with Baileys

Fill jars with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, then tie little bottles of baileys for your guests to enjoy and as a rich after dinner dink.

6. Popcorn

The gift tag saying goes hand in hand with this adorable jar of popcorn kernels.

7. Spices

Fill spice jars with cinnamon and put a Love Spice label on them.

8. Plants

Let love grow!  Plant small plants and succulents in small pots from Target.

9. S’mores

Sending you S’more Love is a delicious treat for your guests to take home with them and enjoy.  Have you ever had s’mores in a jar?  It is so yummy!!  I make them at home in the oven for an after dinner treat.

10. Champagne

Pop the champagne! Great for a weekend wedding for guests to enjoy at their leisure.  Tie a straw with a flag of your wedding date or the bride and grooms names.

11. Hangover Cure

Guests may not thank you tonight, but they will definitely thank you in the morning for this hangover kit!

12. Candles

Homemade candles or custom labels on store bought candles with the couples name and wedding date is a gift that guests will actually want and enjoy!

13. Hot Sauce

Spice things up!  Treat your guests to homemade hot sauce or put a custom label on little jars.

14. Cigars

A favor even the men will like!  Cigars with a custom labels with the bride and groom’s last name.

15. Honey

What better favor to show your love for one another than with honey!  Tie a gift tag that says Sweet as Honey or Meant to Bee!

16. Mints

Keep your guests fresh with these Mint to Be wedding favors.