I think we can all agree the bride and grooms guests were treated to one special affair! They must have read what your guests will remember from your wedding day because this couple hit it out of the park! From the lush florals, attention to hospitality, a three course menu and that dress, this wedding is truly one to remember!

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When planning the biggest party of your life, sometimes it’s hard to know where to allocate your budget. What will be captured best in photos and what will your guests remember the most? You want your guests to have a memorable experience just as you want this to be the best day of your life. So here’s a rundown of what your guests will remember the most!

This is so important. From the ceremony starting on time, to transportation to the reception venue and golf carts for those who don’t walk well. Guests will appreciate a well run event and your thoughtfulness to their needs.

Guests love gushing over the details from the monogrammed napkins, gorgeous florals showcasing your wedding colors, thoughtful table names and the overall cohesiveness. Branding your event and making it meaningful from beginning to end is what your guests will remember most.

It’s about the little things. From having a water and lemonade table for when guests arrive at the ceremony, to having proper seating and appetizers coming out on time during cocktail hour and having a wedding guest favor at their reception seat, there are many ways to give your guests a warm welcome.

Have you ever heard of the saying location, location, location? The location of your wedding and it’s unique charm, views and decor will go far in your guests memory of your wedding day.

Having a thoughtfully planned menu that is uniquely you as a couple is the way to your guests hearts. Skip the carving station and meet with the chef to plan out a unique and yummy wedding day menu.

They don’t call it “The Dress” for nothing. Pick a dress that is so-you and will swoon your groom and your guests.

Select a DJ or band that will play music that is important and meaningful to you as a couple. Make sure they are the type to keep your guests on the dance floor with minimal interruptions.

In 8 wedding trends you’ll see this year, one major trend listed is the rise of intimate and more meaningful weddings. But sometimes it’s hard to find the line to draw when inviting people to your wedding. You’ll find yourself asking ‘do I really have to invite them’? In an effort to help you sort through all your potential attendees, I listed all the questions you’ll want to consider before sending them their invite and a coveted ‘plus one’ slot.


Are they family?

Are they living with or seriously dating a member of your family?

Are they married or engaged to a member of your family?

Have you been friends more than 10 years?

Have you spoken to them in the past year?

Do you see them on a regular basis?

Have you seen them within the last six months?

Are they dating one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen?

Do you like them?

Does your future spouse like them?

Did they help you plan your wedding?

Were they there for you during your bridezilla moments?

Are they a coworker you hang out with outside of work?

Have they always supported your relationship?

Are they always one of the first on the dance floor?

Would you be ok if they end up in the background of your pictures?

Are they fun?

Are they fun intoxicated?

Will it be awkward if you don’t invite them?

Will you care if they get mad they’re not invited?

Were you (or will you) be in their wedding?

Were you (or will you be) invited to their wedding?

Have you told them at any point they’re invited?

To state the obvious, yes, you need to invite them. These are the people you can’t imagine getting married without. Visit how to write your wedding invitations to get started!

In short, yes, you should invite them. If you want to avoid uncomfortable situations and drama on your big day (believe me, you do), you should send them an invite.

These can be classified into your ‘B List.’ In the A,B C’s of sending wedding invitations I go into more detail on when you should send these invites out in phases. You don’t have to invite your B List, but if a few weeks after sending out your invitations you receive more regrets than expected, consider sending your B List guests an invite.

You can consider these your ‘C List.’ Unless you receive a lot more regrets than expected from your A and B Lists, and if it’s not going to cause major drama or a big family rift, you can skip these wedding guests. If you aren’t having a massive 300+ person wedding, save your $250 per head plate for someone more meaningful to you as a couple.

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Being asked to be a bridesmaid for your bestie’s wedding is an incredible honor. You can’t imagine not being there for this bride-to-be, but becoming a bridesmaid is no small task. In who is responsible for what your your wedding day, I breakdown all of the roles of everyone on your big day and being a bridesmaid is an important one. Taking on the role of a bridesmaid is not only a time and financial commitment, it means you have pre-wedding duties, day-of responsibilities and a whole lot of parties to attend! Lucky for you, I’m listing out everything you need to know to fulfill your role as a bridesmaid. And if you want to take your role up a notch, check out how to be a fabulous maid-of-honor.

Along with the brides requirements for the dress, you are are responsible for purchasing the bridesmaids dress and having it fitted. Also purchasing shoes and accessories to style it.

This includes everything from being there for her “I said yes to the dress’ moment, helping with DIY projects, hand-writing invitation envelopes, making favors and being there as a support system for her.

This task is often given to the maid-of-honor or the mother, but can sometimes fall on the plate of a bridesmaid as well. Whether you are helping the maid-of-honor plan the shower or you are doing it yourself, this is an important task. From setting the date, to sending the invites, coming up with a theme, getting a venue, deciding on games, decor, food, a signature cocktail and favors, there is a lot of planning to be done.

You will be expected to help all the other bridesmaids with picking a date, location, pitching ideas and chipping in for this fun girls night out. Or in most cases, weekend getaway!

If you are the out-of-towner you may not be expected to attend every single every. But if you don’t want to miss a thing, try having the shower and bachelorette party on the same weekend. Other events you are expected to attend include the engagement party, wedding dress shopping, the rehearsal dinner, day-after brunch and obviously the wedding!

On the big day you will need to help keep the bride calm, help her with her bouquet and dress during the ceremony, possibly give a speech at the reception and yes, hold her dress while she pees!


From your something borrowed and something old, there are lots of family heirlooms to incorporate into your wedding day. But if you are like most brides, you want a keepsake from your day to cherish and share with your loved ones and one day pass on to your offspring. These treasured items hold memories of a sacred moment in time that can’t be replaced. Here are a few items to hold on to long after ‘I do.’

Writing your own vows is becoming an increasingly popular trend. And for good reason. Focusing more attention on your vows and why you are getting married rather than fussing over the bridesmaids dress colors will serve you better in the long run. Next visit 10 Tips on Writing Your Own Vows.

You may not want to wear your mother’s or grandmothers wedding dress on your wedding day. But you can still bring a piece this family heirloom with you down the aisle. Try cutting off a sleeve from their dress and using it as a wrap from your bridal bouquet. Chances are a vintage gown has beautiful beads and lace that will look stunning and thoughtful wrapped around your bridal bouquet. The best part? This wrap can be reused by passing down generation after generation.

This is one of my favorite ideas. What better way of passing traditions down than recreating family wedding photos. Pose as your loved ones, have the same expressions as your loved ones, recreate the magic from your parents or grandparents wedding album. There is no greater gift back to your parents.

Guest books have come a long way from just a book full of signatures. Today guest books extend to things couples will use long after ‘I do.’ Think decor items for the home that are meaningful for the couple. From a bench made by the groom, to a hanging anchor, globe or horse shoe. There are many ways to cherish your guests signatures.